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History of the Instituion: With a dream to promote the most concrete need of the society that is teachers training and education. The Trust Body of Rishi Aurobinda Educational welfare Trust founded the institute namely Subhadra Pal PTTI(D.El.Ed & B.Ed College). So to foster Teachers' Training program to generate skilled teachers to bear the torch of education in the remotest part of our society.

Vision Statement: To contribute to the field of primary and secondary education scientific and methodical procedure and trained and skilled teachers are of utmost importance. Teachers should be equipped with knowledge and teaching skills that can provide relevant guidance to promote effective learning and acquisition of knowledge rather than congregation of information in the form of study. Our vision is to train teachers who will facilitate the process whereby students can cultivate habits of mind and knowledge schemes that are prerequisites for success, in the technological world. This makes effective teacher training of paramount importance in the cultivation of an educated citizenry within the territory.

“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.”

― Robert Frost

Mission and Objectives We stimulate the inner potential of the students to enable them to accomplish their aspirations. Education is not only a tool to earn a living it is also a gateway to develop the power of judgment and reasoning which takes an individual in the right track of life. Our innovative educational programs give the students a platform to explore their skills and our methodology bring out their true alignment towards respective genre. To cultivate an ideal academic ambience in the schools we provide effective training to the teachers so that they can build the future generation with the power to thrive in the competitive world. We aim to undertake innovative method process and programs to impart scientific technicalities of teachers training so that our students can inculcate the unique blend of morality and knowledge for the next generations. We want our teachers to be multifaceted who will not only help students to apply concepts but also steer them through their way of success.

Subhadra Pal P.T.T.I.

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